Sunday, 7 July 2013


What could be better?
If you've never been, Aldeburgh Suffolk is a must.
We had a lovely meander through the town yesterday, where there are lots of lovely little shops which will easily catch your eye and quaint little tearooms and ice cream shops to tickle your taste buds.

Then a stroll along the seafront before joining the queue for the most delicious fish and chips you could ever have.
I'm sure only the British will happily queue for 20 minutes to receive their supper in a paper bag.

Once we'd salt and vinigered we headed back down to the beach and found a comfortable spot on the pebbly beach right by the sea to enjoy our feast

Then today, we still have the most amazing sunshine and armed with a cool drink and my crochet I shall have my feet up and hopefully be watching a very exciting game of tennis on the TV.


  1. The British love a queue! How is the crocheting coming along?

  2. I love Aldeburgh, but whoa, it must have been busy on such a hot summer's day. You'd have found me at Walberswick or maybe Dunwich I think, seeking refuge from quite so many people!

    Gorgeous photos Jacqueline :)

    1. It was busy in Aldeburgh Annie but I really fancied fish and chips and I wasn't sure if the place at Dunwich would be open in the evening. We very much enjoyed the walk from Dunwich to Walberswick and back a couple of summers ago.

  3. Wonderful. I too would happily queue for fish and chips eaten in the bag, there is nothing quite like it.