Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunshine, cakes and crochet!

Hasn't it just been amazing?
A run of brilliant sunny days and warm temperatures and it looks like it's going to continue the same for next week at least. 

Today  is my son's 30th birthday so a very happy birthday to him!
I baked him a cake which I'm really pleased with but I don't think the photo has been kind to it.
It looks better in the flesh, if you know what I mean.

Lots of baking at the moment and also lots of crochet.
It's been nice to be able to crochet a granny square in spare moments and I've surprised myself just how many I've made.

The art of crochet has been self taught and I know it's not perfect. However I am enjoying making the squares and there are such lovely crochet patterns out there at the moment that I'm quite keen to try making something else once the blanket is finished.
Also in September I should be joining a knit and stitch group with a lady who also is just learning to crochet so I think that will be good and helpful.

Enjoy your Sunday, enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Happy Birthday to Robert! The blanket is looking amazing. My DK scrappy quilt is comingly along, I have almost finished making the squares. I can't wait to start using the Delight wool, I will be round for a lesson. Hope you enjoy your new group. X

  2. Robert's cake looks brilliant, he's a lucky man you didn't mention in your post you made him 2 cakes...... The blanket looks really fantastic I love the colours.