Thursday, 7 November 2013


We've just had a lovely long weekend in France, in Carcassonne which is somewhere between Toulouse and Narbonne.
We stayed in the medieval cite which was very busy during the day but at night time, very peaceful!
So nice for there to be some warmth still in the sun, when it was out and to enjoy a coffee or glass of wine while we sat and watched others meandering passed.

Apparently they filmed some of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves here!

And this is the little square where there was an abundance of restaurants and cafes'.

We took a walk through the castle itself and along the ramparts!

I particularly liked the colours of this stain glass window in the cathedral as the sun shown through!

The canal du midi was a nice place to have a slow stroll. There wasn't much boating activity, I suppose because it's the end of season.

When we got back home and despite the fact that I still have one bootie to knit to match the Harlequin baby outfit, I couldn't resist ploughing through the Drops patterns and ordering my yarn for all the baby outfits I intend to knit.
I couldn't resist this crotchet pattern for my grand daughters and spent just one afternoon making this for Jessica with some yarn from my stash.

(I am so sorry about this picture. In my efforts to make it look more photographic and as I didn't have Jessica's head here with me to model it, I draped it over the salt cellar and now I've made it look like a tea cosy!)

I'm now in the process of making one for Charlotte.

At this point, if you've ever wondered, I can confirm that the Drops Delight yarn washes up a treat.
Last night I was just about to tackle the last round of the hat when I had a mishap.
I stopped to have an evening cuppa in front of the tv when the next thing I knew I'd been woken by the feel of gushing tea all over my recently finished blanket, right through to my trousers and beyond.
My crotchet hook was still in my other hand!
Fortunately the hat was not involved in this incident.
I felt a right stupid idiot!

The hat, will hopefully be finished later today!


  1. Carcassonne is on our "to visit" list.It looks lovely.I love the hat.

  2. H & I went there a couple of years ago, I expect you got to do more sight seeing than me! Love the hat and glad to know that the wool washes up ok. ps You will need to change your blog name soon.

  3. It does look like a beautiful place, it appears you had a lucky escape Dave's brother and family were there at the same time, I'm sure you would have noticed or heard them if your paths had crossed. Jessica's hat is lovely. Diane's right you will have to change the name of your blog, not long to work out how to do it either!

  4. Looks like a fab place to visit. I love the stain glass window. Your hat is great, I really like the flower detail

  5. What a wonderful place to spend a weekend - all that history! It looks like a wonderful trip. x