Tuesday, 12 November 2013


These crocheted hats were a hit with my grandchildren and so quick to make. I did post a photo of the pink one, posing on a salt cellar but they do look so much better actually on a head. I hope you agree!
 I used some left over Drops Big Delight and unusually I managed to use up near enough all of the yarn by also making them both a crochet head band.
They should keep their heads warm on their winter walks to and from school!

I wanted to make them a little something before I start on baby clothes for their little baby brother.

Here is the yarn I have chosen to begin with!

I'm already working on the sleeves of a first size jacket which will also have pants and socks in the blue edging colour.
I know, I have seemed to have bought quite a lot of blue, when there are so many colours out there but, this is just a starting point!


  1. The hats are lovely.Did you make the pattern up?

    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I made the hats from a Drops pattern.

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  3. That's a lot of yarn you have there, he'll be a well clad fella :) Love the Drops hats !

  4. The hats are fantastic, love the little pixie peak. Do they have an adult size pattern?

  5. Those hats are really fantastic, what cute and well dressed grandchildren you have! I haven't tried Drops yarn before but everyone seems to recommend it, I must give it a go. x

  6. With three grandchildren to knit and crochet for your going to be kept really busy!!!! The hats are lovely and blue makes a change from all the pink!

  7. These hats look super fantastic on your grandchildren. So nice they appreciate them.