Monday, 10 March 2014


Wasn't it a glorious weekend?
Two whole days of sunshine!

On Saturday evening we were meeting my cousin and her husband in London for a meal so Michael and I decided to go earlier in the day to have a wander.
We parked in Butlers Wharf and wandered along by the river, finding a bar with a table outside to sit and have lunch. We live about an hours drive from London, so go there quite often, yet we still try to find somewhere new to visit each time.
This time, I'd scoured the internet before leaving home and having established  that neither of us had ever been to the Museum of London, we set off for there after our lunch. We spent more time there than we thought we would, all very interesting.

It always amazes me how the skyline in London is ever changing, new architecture stands side by side with the old.

We stopped at a cafe by St Paul's catherdral for a cup of tea,

before setting off again across the Millennium bridge to the Tate Modern Gallery.

 Looking down the Thames both Tower Bridge and the Shard glistened in the sun.

The Tate is a favourite of ours to visit as well as a mystery. Some things we understand, appreciate and really like, other things we're not quite so sure about. When we leave we certainly have plenty to talk about.
As dusk was falling we stepped out onto the balcony of their cafe so I could take the perfect photo.
St Paul's, the Thames and a boat passing by.
I waited, (I'd already missed one boat!) and then snapped.
The result, St Paul's minus the spire, the boat off centre and all taken by a very shaky hand.
I don't think I'll win any prizes with this one.

Yesterday we went to our daughter's for a cooked breakfast and then spent the morning in their garden. Michael mowed the lawn while Peter filled in the hole left by the unwanted fish pond and I helped Kate de head several hydrangeas. 
(I could have taken some lovely photos of their garden but oops I forgot!)
It was so lovely to be outside again!

In the afternoon back at home Michael tinkered with his boat while I prepared the dinner. Our son and his family came to eat with us and it was a very special occasion just because it was a first time visit here for baby Jack. 

They all went home fed, tired but happy. Michael and I were finally able to sit down and relax catching up with Top Gear and Call The Midwife.

We certainly had a great weekend!


  1. Ooh what a lovely time you had! Isn't that rather large curved building the one is supposed to melt cars in it's reflective glare? Lovely photos around London, it certainly helps when the sun shines :)

    1. Yes you're right, it's the Walkie-Talkie building and it has been melting things that it shouldn't.

  2. You certainly made the most of your time in London, how lucky you were to meet your cousin and her husband for dinner, oops that was me! It was a lovely evening we really enjoyed it. The rest of your weekend sounds busy but full of family fun and how lovely to have the new little man join you for Sunday dinner x

  3. So a weekend off next week, with family helping you in the garden and dinner. How lovely to have your first meal with Jack x

  4. I'm glad you had such a nice weekend. I love London! Your pictures bring back some great memories from when I was there for a visit in 2011. It must have been very exciting having baby Jack at your house for the first time!

  5. It looks like you had a fantastic time! You had great weather, too. I'd like to go up the Shard one day - I bet the views are stunning. x

  6. It looks like you had a fabulous time ... hurrah for weekends :)