Monday, 31 March 2014


My grandchildren came here on Saturday evening and hid this plant in the dining room so I would find it yesterday morning.

And the little cards that came with it, just make it such a perfect gift.

The plant will eventually make it out into a pot on the patio to hopefully flourish year after year and the little cards will be kept with all their other cards and notes that they've written over the years.

This weekend saw Michael unveil his new boat to the world.
He's spent time in the garage throughout the winter on this gull dinghy, painting it and getting it ready to sail.
On Saturday, it was time for it to move to its spot in the sailing club and therefore free up some space in our garage. Michael hasn't sailed for the past few years so he's looking forward to taking it out on the river. 
As for the new found space in our garage, well I can't see it being like that for long. Something will come along to fill it!

While he tinkered with the boat I photographed this blanket I finished in the week. Knitted again, in Drops Eskimo.

I really do like this pattern, it knits up so quickly. This time I made it slightly longer than the blue one I knitted for Jack, I thought I might as well use up all the yarn.

Now do you remember this little chap?

He was a present for my birthday back in February and through all that nasty weather I couldn't bear to put him outside, he has been perched in my dining room. However, at the end of the day, he is a solar light and so on Saturday as the sun shone down, out into the garden he went. 
Since he's been out there I can't count the times I've mistakenly thought I had a big "live" bird in the garden and even exclaimed as much. I'm sure I'll get used to him eventually.

 As darkness descended, we found not only does the peacock light up but he glows, pink, then green, then white. When I was telling my daughter in law this morning, (the present giver), even she didn't realise that he would glow quite so colourfully. 

He does look lovely in the garden, I just hope he doesn't frighten off the hedgehog who ambles through our garden at about 10.30pm each evening.

It was nice to be at home yesterday for Mother's day. My daughter collected my parents and we all had dinner here during the afternoon. I cooked, Michael and Kate cleared up. It was all very relaxed and we all had a lovely time.
I'd already planted up some fresh plants in a planter on my mum's patio during the week and she went home yesterday with yet more plants and a box of her favourite florentines to enjoy.

The one good thing about moving the clock forward is that when our family left yesterday we still had some time to take a walk. First stop was the sailing club to make sure Michael's boat was as he left it and then we walked up onto the seawall and along the river.

It was all very peaceful and still.

In just a few more weeks this stretch of river will be full of yachts and sailing dinghies.


  1. That sounds like such a relaxed, happy day. I love your knitted blanket and think the plant makes a lovely gift, something to keep forever and watch while it grows. I grew up in a sailing family and our year was punctuated by the arrival or the cranes to lift the boats into the water in April, and take them out in October. We were at our local sailing club most weekends and our plans all revolved around when high tide was! Happy memories. I hope your husband enjoys his first sail of the year.

  2. What a lovely day.I actually managed to see both my children on Mothers day.We were staying with Matt in Cambridge (I never see him on Mothers Day because he is too far away).We had lunch with his family and came home via our daughter's in Cheshire and eventually home to North Wales.A really lovely day and a treat for me.

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful day ... just the way Mother's Day's should be, with all the generations together to celebrate :)