Monday, 24 March 2014


Although our grandson Jack is still sleeping in his cozy moses basket in with his mum and dad, they are busy getting his new bedroom ready and have bought him new cot bedding and matching curtains.
His room has an oblong window and a small round window but the curtains purchased were to fit a wide window and so long that they would drop down to the carpet.

Hence the question, "Mum, could you just?"

After some measuring and decision making I agreed to alter this one pair of curtains to fit both windows and would also add some blackout lining. I had to alter the tab tops as well as there is very little room between the ceiling and the top of the oblong window, so the curtains will have to run on a narrow pole.

I made a start during the week and managed to get the new curtains cut out so on Saturday I could spend the time inserting the lining and sewing them up on my machine.

I was really pleased as I didn't expect to get them finished so quickly and though this photo doesn't really do them justice I've just had to include it. This is because I had to get my husband to help me prepare the perfect photo which entailed him going to the garage, finding some rope, burning the rope end so it was sealed, threading it through the tabs, tying one end to the top of the lounge door and him climbing onto the furniture to raise the other end of the rope level while I took the shot.
He did suggest while balancing on the chair with one hand on the wall to support himself that I should wait and photograph them when they're hanging in Jack's bedroom but no, I couldn't wait, I needed the photo for today.
Afterwards, when reviewing the taken photo we both agreed, having made all the effort the photo  and the curtains actually didn't look good at all. 

 They look much better here, folded up neatly.

I was pleased also to finish this jacket for Jessica this weekend, I've just the buttons to put on. I've now got to make one for Charlotte and hopefully I'll be able to give them to them for Easter.

Please don't tell anyone, but I'm actually enjoying all this new found sewing enthusiasm and really pleased that I had my new sewing machine for Christmas!!


  1. I am so impressed with your sewing, I can't believe you didn't want to sew before. Lovely jacket too.

  2. Like Diane I'm really impressed. I can see you making quilts for the grandchildrens beds in the near future!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your cerise cardigan is so cute and I see you have a Jessica too

  4. Oh those curtains are stunning I love them totally. I have just cleaned and oiled my sewing machine I have had this for 25 years and have not used it for all of those years. My daughter used it whilst doing her textile degree and it was put back into storage, However I have been keen to get into it after my new found fav programme the sewing bee,
    I think I've gone mad I have bought quite a bit of fabric and cutting mats and the like as I'm eager to try my hand at it.
    You have inspired me to get on with it so many thanks
    Have a lovely weekend.