Sunday, 4 May 2014


I think quite a few of us recently have been commenting on spring. We've noticed how early some of the plants are showing and how vibrant some of the colours are.
 But are you like me?
Are you having problems with birds? 
Do you think they're in more of a frenzy than they normally are at this time of the year?

On Thursday my car had so much mess on it that it looked like it had chicken pox. I gave it a good wash and left it sparkling on the drive. On Friday morning I opened the front door, looked out and couldn't believe it, it was obvious the birds had taken part in a "poopathon" overnight because my car was completely covered in spots and splats, as was our kitchen window. I could tell Michael felt for me because he went out straightaway and cleaned it all off with the pressure washer, so that window and car were once again sparkling. I do wonder if silver is not a good colour for a car!
Then yesterday we were both in the garden when we looked up at one of the upstairs windows and couldn't believe it yet again. Rather than that saying about not being able to see the wood from the trees, well, we couldn't see the glass from the wotsits!

I have once had the misfortune of having a low flying seagull use my head as target practice, the memory of chipping it off my scull while washing my hair still remains with me. I'm therefore quite pleased that it's not been me that's been personally receiving their luck this week. 

On the knitting front, I've been trying to get on with a hat for baby Jack. It should have only taken a couple of evenings to make at the most but it's been ongoing for what seems like days. So hopefully next time I post I can show you the finished article. 
I have though managed to take a photo of the back of Charlotte's jacket to show you as promised. I do believe Drops have discontinued this muscat range but it was really nice yarn to work with and I really liked its range of colours.

I hope you're all enjoying this bank holiday weekend. Our guests have gone home and we're just having some quiet time here. Idyllic!


  1. You made me laugh out loud! My husband has just washed the car whilst grumbling about the incontinent condition the local birds seem to be suffering....Nice knitting!

  2. This part of Essex is being pooped on too. A lovely afternoon with the French doors open and omg there's a great splat on the glass and of course because the door was open it was on the inside yuk! I agree nice knitting!

  3. we aren't too bad here in Cambridgeshire, though some trees down near our church have rooks nesting and the path beneath is smothered, its a case of work fast and fingers crossed. Your cardigan hangs beautifully

  4. My car is black really wish I didn't get that colour, birds mess really stands out on that. The back of that cardigan looks wonderful. Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday .

  5. No problems with the birds here ... have you maybe got a few nests nearby?

    Your knitting is beautifully even, lovely job. And I agree, Drops yarns are great :)