Saturday, 10 May 2014


New yarn has been purchased for a couple of pairs of summery looking socks to wear with my walking shoes for my holiday. Why I bought it, I don't know, I've got sock yarn already in my stash but when I walked past the wool shop yesterday I spied these colourful yarns and couldn't resist.

The other week I purchased material to make this summer dress for both granddaughters. My friend Diane is showing me later this week how to put the zips in so this weekend I want to get them cut out and ready.

I've also purchased this material to make pyjama bottoms for my daughter. I shall be taking this along later in the week too!

In a couple of weeks time my mum celebrates her 90th birthday. My family said that it would be lovely to sort out some photos for an album for her. So I've been going through photos during the week and hopefully sometime over this weekend with Kate's help we will start to create the album.
It's amazing just how many photos we have stored in various folders and boxes and then after looking through all of those there's those stored on the computer to go through.

For some light relief from photo searching our grandchildren paid us a visit this afternoon and stayed for dinner. While I was cooking Charlotte printed off some masks she found on the computer, which once cut out and threaded with a little elastic kept two little girls happy. They were also very keen to take part in my photo shoot.

So now my family have been fed and have left to go home to bed, I'm now off to watch some tv (not eurovision!) and be creative with my new sock yarn. Hope you're enjoying your weekend?


  1. Wow, those so socks will be bright! Looking forward to Thursday. X

  2. That is a yarn new to me but looks lovely for the summer.I wish I could summon up the energy to make dresses for my granddaughters!When my children were small I made all their clothes,even coats.Let us know how it goes and I might join you in a little dressmaking.

  3. 2nd try to leave you a message. Love the bright sock yarn, where are you walking to on your holiday? I also made clothes when the girls were small, maybe its time to start again for Jessica

  4. Ooh - socks - not tried them yet, not brave enough :) Loving the face-masks - what fun!