Wednesday, 21 May 2014


At 7am this morning there was a definite battle going on between the sun and the clouds.
As soon as the sun tried to push through the clouds, the clouds bunched up blocking its rays.

There was a stillness on the water and the air felt quite muggy.

The boats laid quietly on their shadows.

Whether a breeze picks up as the tide continues to make its way in remains to be seen.
It was certainly eerily calm this morning.

A knock at the door at the beginning of the week brought me a lovely and unexpected surprise.
A delivery of these beautiful flowers!

 Who sent them?
My grandchildren (and their grandad)!
For what reason?
For being their Granny!



  1. How fantastic is that.What a lovely thought.

  2. The reflections are astounding and the flowers - how lovely :)

  3. How lovely to have flowers for no other reason than that you are their Granny, wonderful. Your photos look so peaceful

  4. Lovely flowers Jacqueline and so clever of the little ones to organise them and to include their grandad was very thoughtful! Beautiful photos of the river too x

  5. Jacqueline, such beautiful pictures. What a lucky grandmother you are.The flowers are beautiful

  6. Gorgeous flowers, and I'm loving the atmospheric pictures at the top of this post :)