Sunday, 29 June 2014


I can't believe a week has passed already since our holiday. Last Sunday we were driving up through Germany and Belgium en route to Calais for our ferry home. Golly, a lot of washing has been pegged out to dry since our return!

We had a really lovely week by the lake at St Wolfgang in Austria. We stayed in a great hotel, the weather was pretty good and oh, it was just so peaceful, so relaxing. Most definitely, perfect!

Further along the lake at St Gilgen we took the cable car up into the mountains. The views were stunning!

We spent a great day in Salzburg!

And when the rain came, just like Liesl and Rolf, we ran to the summer house for shelter, (not to sing "I am sixteen going on seventeen", we're a little to old for that!) but guess what?
- on our occasion, the summer house was locked!
We both stood under the trees until the trees couldn't hold the rain back any longer and then had to run back to the car, a little wet!

While we were in Salzburg we also visited the Red Bull Hanger. I found this on trip advisor before we went away and we were so pleased we went, it was really excellent. The building itself is amazing, the exhibits are brilliant and it's free to visit. It's not in the centre of Salzburg but close to the airport and Michael and I both recommend it if you have the chance to go there.

Back in St Wolfgang, the little steam train took us right to the top of the Schafberg. It was pretty cold up there but again the views were just stunning!

We did quite a lot of walking and my socks were much appreciated by my feet. It's all very well walking along a steep path upwards which, we did when we walked the Pilgrim's Way to this little chapel.

 But, at some point, we had to walk back down this very steep path.  I had to curl my toes up into my socks to stop them stubbing into the toe cap of my boots. Ouch!

However, once back on the flat, all pain diminished and in sight was a very nice hotel that sold very nice, cold beer.

After quenching our thirst we had an excellent lunch and after plenty of people watching we continued our walk to St Gilgen. Fortunately the ferry was able to return us to St Wolfgang so that meant I could do a little shopping while I was there!

We were also in Austria because we were going to my second cousin's wedding so, after our week in St Wolfgang we made our way to a place called Hollersbach in the Kitzbuhel where the wedding was to take place on a dairy farm.

When we arrived the day before the wedding we were asked if we would like to pop and see the cows. Absolutely we thought, not realising what this would entail. Well, this windy road is the clue and the only way it could possibly go was up!

And up, and up, and up, and up went. It was actually more path than road and although I have no photos to show, mainly because I was a little on the scared side, I can assure you that though the road was windy and steep, the drop was even steeper!

Once at the very top, the view was incredible, simply breath taking. The silence was broken by just one sound - the jingle, jangle of the cow bells!
These cows spend their summer months up here grazing and the cheese made from their milk is made up on the mountain too. We felt so privileged  to spent time some time there with them and I think they were quite amused to have so many people with them at milking time.

It takes these cows three and a half hours to walk down to the farm to their winter cowshed and this is where the wedding took place the next day. It was a wonderful!

Congratulations to Beth and Anthony, the very happy couple!


  1. Sounds like a lovely holiday Jacqueline and great photos. I remember seeing the summer house and thinking it was much larger in the film. Shame that all the washing brings us back to earth with a bump!

  2. It looks fantastic! I've never been to that region, or anywhere especially Alpine, and I'd love to go. Those views are great, just spectacular. x

  3. Looks like you had a great holiday. Do you use walking poles, I find they help when coming down!!