Thursday, 5 June 2014


After last night's rain the path was soft and slightly squelchy underfoot but the sun was shining as I set off for my walk this morning.

Although this is right on my doorstep now I have been coming to this stretch of river since I was 16 years old. Infact, this is where I first met Michael's family.

We had both stood at the top of my road waiting for his brother  and his mum to collect us for our day on the river. I can remember being very nervous especially as Michael was happily telling me that his mum would really like me but not to expect too much from his brother.
"Roger, doesn't talk much!" he had said.
He was actually right on that count but funnily enough through the years that followed although Roger was always quiet and I was always the opposite, our friendship rumbled along quite nicely and when he passed away a few years back, I knew I had lost my best mate!

Michael's family had use of a caravan just up the river slightly from where I was walking this morning. They kept a boat there moored on the river which they used for water skiing and that was what I was to do on our first meeting, my first and last water ski lesson.

The family thought because I was a good swimmer I would be able to ski, in reality, that was not the case! Having struggled into the wet suit, I seemed to spend an eternity of embarrassment being dragged along on the end of the rope, my bottom never actually leaving the water. Roger, who didn't have the patience of a saint, drove the boat up and down the river, muttering and mumbling while Michael gave encouraging words of comfort.

I was quite relieved when my ordeal was over and we could return to the shore for tea. I vowed from that very day I would stick to swimming, just plain swimming!

It's funny what you you think about when you're walking isn't it?
Sometimes, it's planning the day ahead, sometime a memory jumps to the fore.
What do you think about when you're walking?

Before heading home for my breakfast this morning, I decided to take a detour for a short while along the canal. There was enough of a breeze that as it whirled around the masts that continuous whining sound could be heard.
I noticed the water lilies have plenty of buds so they should be out soon.

Hope you have a happy Thursday!


  1. What a lovely, reflective post Jacqueline. The problem with you not being able to get up on skis might have been more with the driver of the boat than with you. There's a real talent in helping a beginner. It takes a gentle hand, and it sounds as if that might have been the case. I love walking too, and my mind can cover a whole range of topics while I'm out.

    1. You may well be right though now I'm quite happy to give it a miss!

  2. Ha ha that sounds like my one and only time trying to get on a jet ski, spent 40 mins being dragged round, never did manage to get on it and my arms felt like they had been ripped from their sockets!

  3. Snap! That description is perfect!

  4. Great blog. Hope you enjoyed your chat with John.

  5. Water-skiing - blimey, you were brave! Nothing on earth would persuade me to try that! Lovely photos, it looks like such a peaceful, relaxing spot. x