Monday, 9 June 2014


Shield your eyes folks, my socks are finished!
They are a pair, although they don't look it and once they're hidden within my walking boots I think they'll be perfect!

I've had a weekend of getting things done and I was pleased that I was able to give these pj bottoms to Kate. All she has to do now is put a little t shirt top with them. I really must thank my friend Diane for helping me as I've never made anything like this before. Our original task was to make these up in half an hour. That for me was never going to happen but they're finished now, I enjoyed making them and hopefully Kate will like wearing them.

 On the Drops website I found this scarf which I thought would be something easy and quick to knit. It only uses 2 balls of Drops fabel which I picked up in the sale. It made a change to make something like this and I finished it last night. I've got some more yarn to make one for Kate, different colours though.

I wasn't sure how to photograph it, neither  was I quite sure how to wear it but I got there in the end.

Despite the threat of flooding in Essex we were lucky here, quite a storm Saturday morning but then bright sunshine and again on Sunday. It was just nice to potter about, be able to bbq both days and sit in the garden into the evening. We were joined by the family yesterday and it was just nice to sit, relax and chat together.

Hope you all have a bright and sunny week!


  1. So many finished projects! You've down a great job on all of them. And I don't think you should hide those socks in boots. They're wonderful!

  2. Those socks are flipping fantastic! Don't hide them - they will make people smile :)

  3. I'm glad you managed to get your projects finished before you set off on your holiday. Hope you have a wonderful time and get lots of use out of your socks climbing all those mountains. xx

  4. Great job on all your projects. I'm never sure on how to wear those scarflette/shawlettes, easier in winter when you can just tuck them into the neck of a coat

  5. Now those really are colourful socks ... socks for happy feet :)

  6. Wonderfully ,colourful socks. I love the little strawberries on the PJ I want one just for me ,please. You have been very busy. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Love the scarf and the socks. Hope Kate likes th PJ bottoms, I think saying half and hour was being optimistic. Have a great holiday.

  8. I love the scarf and the socks are wonderful and colorful! great job :)
    take care,