Thursday, 28 August 2014


 Today has been a very OK kind of day.

 My friend Diane came over this morning and she showed me how to insert the zips into the dresses I'm making for Charlotte & Jessica.

I'm really pleased that I managed to do both zips OK and now I just have a few finishing touches to make. If the summer sunshine is kind enough to return to us for September then the girls will  have something new to wear.
Even later in the year I know the girls will wear these with those little cardigans I made for them at Easter.

Dresses nearly ready for the girls and a new pair of socks for baby Jack that I finished last night.
I made these with some Drops Fabel yarn left over from the baby blanket (I still haven't crocheted the border!) and I think they've turned out slightly better than OK.
I'm really pleased with them!

Today also a parcel arrived, a gift from me to my husband.
What can it be, you may wonder?
It was very well wrapped, precious cargo!

Well my husband likes one and only one specific brown sauce with his Sunday breakfast.
Difficult to obtain from any normal retailer, since Sainsbury's stopped selling it, I would think at least 20 years ago if not more.

Since then Harrods used to sell it and I used to go there or have it sent in the post. Even friends would drop in there and bring him a bottle home on their day trips to London. More recently  a shop in Colchester  was our supplier but unfortunately they haven't been able to get it for a while either.

Then one night last week as I was perusing the iPad, I found it on this website.

Well, I thought best order in a supply that'll keep him going for a year or two (or three!).

Anyone else remember this one?

Colmans OK Sauce.

The way to my heart is generally some lovely flowers (or some beautiful sock yarn!)
the way to my husband's
Some very OK sauce!


  1. Your socks are fantastic. I am in awe of anyone who can knit socks, it's something I'd really like to do but I know it's way beyond my skill level. I could try to crochet a pair, I guess. I've never heard of that brand of brown sauce - I thought they were all the same...shows what I know! x

  2. Nice job on the zips, love little girls in flowery dresses. Socks look good too. Never tried that brown sauce its HP in our house. We have a similar issue over some tea hubby likes, only place to get it at a reasonable price is in France, so we bought back 20 boxes!! Should just about keep him going til next summer

    1. I'm just so pleased that I'm not the only one out there tracking obscure goodies and buying in bulk.

  3. You can get the Colman's sauce here too - - ask me how I know ;) With me it's my deodorant I can no longer find, it's about the only one that doesn't upset my skin and it's made in the USA, so that's where I have to order it from!

    1. Thank you for the link, when I run out again I'll order from there, it's quite a bit cheaper.

  4. We have to track down things that we like too, love the socks :) and well done with the zips - something I just can not do!