Friday, 3 October 2014


Where was I on this warm and sunny day?

Sandsend Yorkshire!

We'd been staying in Whitby for a few days and walked along the beach on Wednesday from there to Sandsend.
The weather was unbelievable, so many people were out walking and the view from my chair outside a beach side cafe as I sipped my coffee and indulged in a small piece of cake was stunning!

We'd travelled up to Yorkshire first staying in Malham, ready for a weekend of 

Well, I loved that!
It was such a great event, plenty to see and plenty to buy.
I didn't see my mandela but know it was up there somewhere!

The yarn bombing in the park was excellent too.
My grandchildren joined in at home trying to guess what yarn bombing was and happened to call me on face time while we were in the park.
So, they were very excited to actually see the bikes and decorated lamp posts, although I was told afterwards that it did look at one point as if I was actually talking to the trees.

So what else did we do once we'd headed off for Whitby?

Well, we went on a steam train
(no photos I'm afraid)

walked up and around Whitby Abbey

we drove over the moors 

and walked down to Robin Hoods Bay which is where Kate had her first paddle in the sea at just over 1 year old.
(So a nostalgia trip for us)

Now we're back home

and I have lots of lovely things to look forward to making.
More socks  - ( I must not buy any more sock wool!)
Dish clothes
and my list goes on.

The brooch is by

I already have one which I really like that was a gift last christmas and I just couldn't resist having another. they're such beautiful colours.

So plenty to keep me busy.

Have a great weekend.


  1. It was an amazing day and certainly has been one of the best summers I can remember. Lovely photos and gorgeous spoils :)

  2. I really wanted a bag, but didn't feel it was right to have one if I hadn't been to the event. Maybe next year x

  3. Amazing event can't wait till next years Yarndale!

  4. Looks like you had a great time, the weather really makes it. Excellent photos, have never been to Whitby, you may just have tempted me

  5. Well I have to say that all sounds like an excellent break! I missed Yarndale but I've heard only good things about it this year. xx