Saturday, 11 October 2014


Before I start hurtling through my post I must say thank you for all the comments I have been receiving on my blog, they are much appreciated.

I'm so pleased, the chevron blanket that I am making for my daughter is coming along so well. I'm still having an issue with the dark grey blocks as there is definitely not the same length of yarn in a ball as the other colours. However, if I do have to buy some more to finish it then so be it, I'll have to see how it goes.

In the meantime another parcel arrived for me on Thursday and it is still sitting there waiting to be opened. I am being very patient but I know what's inside, it contains all the yarn I need for the christmas gifts I'm making for my grandchildren.

All will be revealed over the coming weeks as I progress through the bag of goodies, keep going with the chevron blanket and dabble with all the yarn projects I bought at Yarndale. Will I be busy? I think so!

Today, the garden beckoned for my attention. Considering I'm usually pottering outside at some point during each week, things have gone a bit wild and the garden has had a serious growth spurt. Although we've had a couple of days here where the temperature has dropped today, it was nice to be outside and when the sun did shine, it was quite warm.

This summer we did grow cucumbers in our green house, got a suprisingly large amount of runner beans from just four plants and finally picked our own courgettes which were definitely very late starters. However, we haven't really had the enthusiasm for growing vegetables this year so have decided we're going to give it a miss for a while. We have an excellent farm shop just up the road and they sell plenty of home grown produce.

So, tomorrow the veg plot is going to be transformed back into a flower bed and there will be lots of spring bulbs and summer colours to look forward to.

I thought I would leave you today with a few more photos from our stay in Yorkshire. Michael took these with his camera and only downloaded them this week. I think they're really good!

Boys do like their steam trains!

Yarndale weekend - Malham!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Your chevron blanket looks incredibly striking - bet it will look fantastic once finished. Lovely photos of my stomping grounds :)

  2. The blanket looks great. I'm loving the pattern and only have a few more rows to crochet to be half way.

  3. Your blanket is coming on a treat, I love the colours you are working with. Like you the veg garden is going to be cleared and turned into a kids play area. Its too shady for veg and apart from beans and courgettes not much else has grown. These I can locate elsewhere in the garden leaving a place for the boys to dig!!

  4. The blanket is looking outstanding! Although how odd that one colour of yarn would have less in a ball than the others. Lovely photos of your visit to Yorkshire. x

  5. Love the Yorkshire photos. The light in that second one is stunning.

  6. Hi, Just catching up on reading your blogs. I am so jealous you went to yarndale love that bag. It looks like you had a great time.
    Now ,how can you sit there with an unopened package I simply cant bear it. open it now and please share haha .I would rip it open , I am terribly even at xmas the family knows don't put my present under the tree .
    Love your chevron pattern and colours .Have a lovely weekend.