Tuesday, 17 March 2015


We had a nice weekend planned.

Friday night we had a meal and film with friends to look forward to and then Saturday, a lazy day pottering. Husband outside, painting the Lloyd loom chair for our daughter for the baby nursery before heading into his garage to work on his oars. Me, well I was going to spend the day working on the pouffe to go with the chair.
Mothering Sunday was going to be spent here with everyone coming to us for a late afternoon family lunch. 
Everything was organised, what could possibly change?

Our daughter had her last day at work on Friday, then she would be on maternity leave, with baby due to arrive in about 3 weeks. Except baby didn't want to wait 3 weeks, in fact baby didn't want to wait another day. So instead of going to work, our daughter went into labour and Alfred (Alfie) Joseph arrived just before 2pm that afternoon. 
There was so much excitement all around and I was so relieved that everything had gone ok. We couldn't wait to see him, our planned meal and film went right out of the window. Off we went to the hospital in the evening with my box of treasures.

As we didn't know the sex of the baby beforehand I went for a more neutral chest. Unfortunately the picture isn't that good but it was the only one I took.

Inside, was the first little outfit I had made which I had included in a past post. Afterwards I remembered that Kate sometimes reads my blog and if I posted anymore pictures of the things I was making she would have no surprises.

This little jacket also has a matching hat.
I found it really difficult to find patterns to make suitable for both boy and girl.
This one is made in Drops Fabel.

I really love this little jacket knitted in Drops Karisma. It's lovely yarn to work with. However this is also a 0-3mths pattern but it has come up much bigger than the other 2 little jackets.

I think the buttons are cute.

Here is the baby blanket, crotcheted in Drops Alpaca Silk. It is just so soft and Alfred looks very cosy snuggled underneath it.
I thank Heldasland for recommending this pattern and yarn, it's gorgeous!

Alfred is very tiny at the moment, he weighed just 6lb 4ozs but it won't be long before he'll be able to wear all of these things.

As you can probably imagine our planned Saturday went out of the window too. We spent our day collecting the pushchair and shopping for baby clothes. We did get to see our film and enjoy a meal with friends in the evening, that was really nice.

Our Mothering Sunday meal didn't go quite to plan either. My poor mum was poorly which meant that both of my parents stayed at home. My already well made little family of son, daughter in law and grandchildren arrived on time, but alas my new little family of daughter, son in law and grandson were running late. 
If you've ever arrived for last orders at a Sunday carvery, you'll probably understand how my dinner fared. Eight of the nine of us said they thought it was lovely. The ninth person, obviously me, reserved judgment.

With a new baby to celebrate we still had the most perfect three days and we welcome baby Alfred into our family.


  1. Congratulations to you all and welcome to Alfred, I'd would be more than happy to have my weekend disrupted in this way. Great news

  2. congratulations.What a lovely surprise the baby arriving early.Love the name.Photos soon?Barbara

  3. How exciting! Congratulations to you and your daughter and son in law. What a lovely way to have your weekend turned upside down. And all the baby clothes are just beautiful. x

  4. Congratulations! How exciting to have a new little grandson! The things you made are lovely, and you are right. They will fit in no time at all. Enjoy all those newborn baby snuggles. They grow so quickly!

  5. Many, many congratulations to you all! And welcome to the world Alfie :)

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