Monday, 2 March 2015


Our grandson Jack celebrated his 1st birthday yesterday.
One already, we just can't believe how quick his first year has gone.
Happy Birthday Jack!

I had my Saturday planned out this weekend, I was intending spending the afternoon decorating the birthday cake. But plans in this house often go hay wire and it wasn't until 6pm that I stood in the kitchen facing a few blocks of icing and a square slab sponge cake that I had thankfully made a few days earlier and had kept in the freezer.
I'd promised a train and a train I was going to construct and as I made the four carriages, I was quite happy with how things were going. However, as it got later and I got hungrier my husband, the engineer, decided he would come and offer to lend a hand. From then on the design became more complicated, he took charge of the rolling pin and with icing sugar flying all over the kitchen between us we put together this windowless, leaning, engine. As the time crept on, it was well past 8pm, the thought of meat pie, mash and veg was just a dream and Thomas the Tank Engine was looking more like the engine from Casey Jones! (If you remember that on TV you're as old as me!)

However, finally the cake was done and the kitchen looked like a bomb had dropped. I got on with the tidying while Michael cooked our much deserved dinner.
Throughout the rest of the evening we kept an eye on the leaning engine as it sat in the dining room and were so relieved in the morning when we got up to see that the engine had leant no further!

The cake fortunately, was much appreciated yesterday and it was only my mum, bless her, who commented that the train had no windows.

In my next life I am definitely coming back under a different name and I'm thinking, M.U.M Couldujust would be quite fitting.  On Friday morning with Kate's baby due possibly under a month away she decided that it would be nice if she had one of those knitted pouffes to rest her feet on while she's sitting holding the baby in her soon to be borrowed Lloyd Loom chair, on loan from my mother.
Is that something I could come up with? I was asked. 

The yarn delivery came on Saturday, enough for a pouffe and a matching cushion, plus huger needles than I've already got, ready to start this task.
I've got a couple of things finished, another on the needles, all for Kate but I'm going to save posting pictures until the baby has been born. Hopefully I'll be able to show you these two new items as well.

Hope all of my readers have a great week ahead!


  1. sounds like your daughter is similar to mine with her requests, aren't we good Mum's. I think your train is great well done to you both and Happy birthday to Jack

  2. Well done on the cake to you and Michae, it looks good to me windows or not! I'm sure Jack loved it, it doesn't seem like a year ago he was born, where's the time gone? And yes I remember Cassy Jones!!!!

  3. Oh what a jolly cake! Well done :) I am sure is was very much appreciated x I did Thomas the tank engine for my Youngest's first birthday - you brought back memories and funnily enough it was my Eldest's birthday this weekend and we spent the entire weekend (and Monday...) celebrating - I am knackered!

  4. Happy Birthday Jack!

    That is some train/cake ... I bet the birthday boy loved it!

  5. What a great cake, so much nice than a shop bought one. I can't believe Jack is one already. Give my best wishes to Kate.