Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Last week, I really got stuck into my exercise regime, starting on Sunday with the bike ride to Goldhanger. Had a good swim on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and walked the other two mornings. I have a target - I want to loose half a stone by the end of August and by exercising and putting less and better food into my mouth I hope to achieve it!
It was alittle misty first thing and a nip in the air but once I got going I soon got into my stride and actually got round to Osea Rd.
Osea Island had the air of mystery about it this morning, shrouded by sea mist. I was pleased to get that far, last week I could only manage Mill Beach and back.
As I returned home, out of breathe alittle and hungry for my breakfast, the sun broke through.
A gorgeous morning!

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  1. I am really impressed and now feel even more guilty about not starting my own keep fit regime, or to start loosing some (alot) weight this summer. We need a healthy restaurant to go out in!