Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Well, here they are, my Mum and Dad.
My Mum will go nuts if she knows I've put this picture on the internet. It was bad enough last week when I arranged for the local newspaper to call on them. She was adamant that she wasn't going to have her photo taken for the paper and obviously not best pleased with me. It's always my fault! However when I called there afterwards she spent the whole time praising the reporter, probably gave him enough information to fill the paper from cover to cover and loved having her photo taken.

So there she was worrying about a few thousand people seeing her in the local paper and now she's on show to the whole world. We won't tell her!

I took this photo on a day trip to Aldeburgh a couple of years ago. They enjoyed it so much that we're taking them there for the weekend, along with the grandchildren and great grandchildren to celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

On Thursday, the actual date of their wedding we've arranged a get together with all their family - sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews. Fingers crossed the sun is going to shine and a good time will be had by all.


  1. I promise I wont breathe a word about their world premier when I celebrate with you and them on Thursday. I'll bring my camera and then they will appear in two blogs in one week!

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  3. Why thank you Miriam. Two blogs and a newspaper all in one week, she won't cope with that.
    All I do hope is that the Queen, god bless her, remembers to sign their anniversary card and puts it in the post with a first class stamp on it!

  4. Hope you have a lovely day on Thursday and all enjoy the weekend away. Give them both our love.