Thursday, 5 August 2010


My exercise program is continuing in the right direction though, I could and should most definitely try to be a lot more disciplined with the healthy eating regime. However, I must be doing something right, I've lost at least half a pound, well that's what the scales at the gym indicated this morning. Either that or the arrows pointing to my weight are bent. Anyway, most importantly I feel better for it!
I'm also pleased to announce that I am now on the last main set of rows for the Debbie Bliss Entrelac Blanket. Touch wood, this is now going well. Had a brief hic-cup last week, I couldn't remember in which direction I should be knitting but in the end I put it down to the lateness of the evening. The next day it all became clear again and thankfully I didn't have to undo any of it. It's beginning to look really good.
When it's finished I'll post a photo.


  1. Looking forward to the finished article. I should start knitting now for Dee who probably wont have any children for at least 5 years!

  2. All that exercise and healthy eating will I recognise you next time I see you?

  3. I'm sure you'll still recognise me, can't see me changing that much. You'll have to give me a nudge though because I'll be the one propped up in the corner suffering from exhaustion!