Thursday, 19 August 2010


I thought as I hadn't written anything for a while I should give a quick update on my exercise regime.
I swum my 3rd mile of the week this morning and at long last the needle on the scales is moving in the right direction. I took this photo yesterday morning on my walk, this time of the canal. [You must be bored silly by now of my endless flow of photos of the river.]

I'm really pleased with my progress, I feel much better and even think I look like I've lost a few pounds. Therefore can you imagine my face when my mother commented earlier this week, how big my arms are and that they're much bigger than hers! God bless her, she always knows how to wind me up.
I have had a fairly quiet couple of weeks, pottering around in the garden and doing those jobs that you never get round to doing in the house. I have actually enjoyed it and I'm really, really, really pleased to say that the entrelac blanket is near completion. I'm just half way through knitting the 56 triangles that go round the border. Do you think I'm counting?


  1. I loved the comment your Mum made it made me laugh out loud, that's the sort of thing my Mum would have said, "Your putting on weight, have another cake" Bless them.
    Well done on the weight loss, it's good when the needle moves in the right direction.x

  2. Keep up with the regime, I'm very impressed. Don't you just love mothers! Think before you talk to K in future.