Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Not so sure about this one. This is something either my grandma would have taught me to knit back in the 60's or a school project made at primary school.
I'm a tea bag in the cup kind of person, someone my mother would frown upon. I keep her in the lounge while I make the tea, it's better for the heart and soul if I don't reveal the secrets of my tea making.
Jo on the other hand has asked for a teapot for Christmas and a teapot she has got complete with this nice little tea cosy to keep the tea warm.
If she doesn't like it, I'll sew the sides right up and wear it as a hat - minus the ribbon!


  1. You have certainly made some lovely presents this year. Have a lovely time over the Christams break. X

  2. I'm sure Jo will love it! I'm sure Charlotte will have a wear of it too, without the tea pot.......