Thursday, 2 December 2010


As I've had a request to see the snowman, here it is.
Not the best I know. I have no claim to being an artist, but at least it does have a nose even if its actual head is missing!

As you can see by the state of the weather today, the frozen carrot may be the one essential vegetable ingredient I may need for tonights feast!
I'm sure you can now understand why the photo of my snowman was absent from my blog yesterday.


  1. Photoshop will turn the snowman into a wonderful Christmas card for next year.

  2. Are you having a laugh Diane?
    Unless you think that photoshop will be able to put a head implant on my little man before going to print.
    If they do you'll be first on my list to get one.
    The effect of the snow is making me sillier and sillier, I think we do now need a good thaw!

  3. Can I be on the list for a Christmas card? I love it, little girls make little snowmen! I'm surprised you didn't have to put it in a freezer box and transplant it in their garden. I can't stop laughing, it's really funny. I think I need to get out I'm going mad here on my own!

  4. Well funny you should say that Miriam, a friend of mine told me yesterday that someone she works with had their snowman stolen from the garden!!!!!!
    Perhaps that's how they moved it. I'll have to ask her if anyone saw or heard an ice cream van near the scene of the crime.