Thursday, 16 December 2010


Charlotte came round after school yesterday and marzipaned her Christmas cake. With a little help from me, Granny, she made the cake a few weeks ago.

I showed her how to roll the marzipan out, rotating it to keep the circle shape and for her first effort she did quite well. Her Dad is disappointed that we didn't cover the whole of the cake but as Kate said later ,"If we're going to have put up with one of those 1960's frilly things round the edge then, that is what we're going to have to do."
I've made 2 other cakes, all the same recipe, one for us and one for Kate & Peter. They're all now at the same stage, marzipan on, decoration to follow.

Knitting is work in progress again, I've just got to complete the second side of a tea cosy that I'm making for Jo, my daughter in law. She's into the teapot craze, so I've bought her a plain teapot and i'm knitting it a colourful cosy.


  1. Charlotte is a clever girl, oh so is her Granny!

  2. How bust are you at the moment! You are such a good Gran.