Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Yet another holiday weekend, this one starting of in style with the beautiful wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton. Glorious!
So why you may question have I added a very bizarre picture to highlight my weekend and not one of the royal couple. Well, this is our garage, actually the sign on the door says"Michael's Boat shed"
Generally, I only venture in there when I need to get my washing line out or get the odd bottle of wine.
This is Michael's domain. Whether things are hanging from the ceiling, the walls, hidden propped up behind something else or even left lying amongst the saw dust, he knows exactly where everything is. Or does he?
Kate exclaimed on Saturday that it was a right old mess and no wonder he'd fallen over in there and dislocated his little finger.The finger, on his left hand was actually pointing to the left. Nasty!
So, after enjoying such a lovely day on Friday, we spent 4hrs on Saturday at A&E.
At least he hadn't broken his arm which we first thought was a possibility.  

On Sunday despite being one handed Michael did this amazing job of clearing out the garage, while I did the garden, planting even more vegetables.
 How long it'll stay like it, I cannot say.

Monday was Kate's birthday and we'd booked a trip down the river to Osea Island and back for our family. It was so, so, windy! Thankfully the sun was shining for  most of the way, so it wasn't too cold but it was mighty difficult trying to eat our picnic that we'd taken with us.

We were on board the barge Hydrogen and it was great fun. The children loved it, especially Charlotte who was looking out for birds and whales through her binoculars. Even my mum and dad enjoyed it. 
Afterwards everyone came back here for tea and cake.
It was a really nice ending to our bank holiday weekend.


  1. So accident prone in his old age! Any nice pictures of the barges with their sails up? If so, please email.

  2. If you do have any images of the barges with the sails up email them to me too! I'd appreciate it. Sounds like a lovely day.

  3. Sounds like the perfect day.Ouch his hand must be so sore.