Sunday, 15 May 2011


Despite the fact that it's been a little chillier this weekend, we've managed to get jobs done in the garden and the garage. Those of you that read my blog this time last year will remember I had a difficult time  trying to get small plants through even smaller holes in the sides of my hanging baskets.
Today, I was much better organised and my plants were planted without a hitch!
Not all of the basket are for me, 2 are for my Mum, it's her birthday next weekend and 3 are for Kate.

The garage is still tidy, though Michael did manage to drop a piece of wood on his toes yesterday.
( I have been forbidden to put the photo of his toes on my blog. This I took, not because I have a fetish for mens' feet but because the bruising was so bad that I wanted to compare the photo with how the toes looked this morning. Thankfully another visit to A&E was not required, although they do look pretty gruesome!)

This afternoon, while I was planting, Michael suspended the boat in the garage to turn it over so he can work on the keel. It really now seems to be coming on at a pace, still not sure when it will be totally finished but I think it's looking good.

I'm now looking forward to a quiet evening and hopefully I'll put my feet up and get some knitting done. I'm still making the little teddy bear all in one suit but it now has 2 legs, all of the body and 1 sleeve completed. I'm getting there slowly!


  1. Michael needs a health warning around his neck.

  2. Are you trusting Michael in the garage with the boat hanging like that? Sounds like a recipe for disaster!