Saturday, 21 May 2011


I've certainly got myself in a "bit of a flap" this week.

It all started off on Monday when my flask of blackberry and nettle tea spilt in my bag and over my iphone. The phone gave out, so in desperation I popped it in the airing cupboard to dry out and it did! However, although the phone now works, the battery isn't doing as well as it could.
So, the moral of this story is - don't put your iphone in the airing cupboard to dry out and more importantly don't spill your drink over it in the first place!

Then came Tuesday. This was when I looked out into the garden and watched as the birds tugged at the linings of my hanging baskets and flew off with beaks full of the stuff for their nests.
I went outside to investigate further and to see if I could minimise the damage. Some, are worse than others but hopefully when the plants grow they will cover up the gaps. On looking at them I also realised that I had completely forgotten to plant any  fuchsias  in them. I  had been so pleased last weekend when I'd spent so little time in the nursery buying the plants. Obviously with no list to remind me either, things were forgotten. Thankfully Michael remedied the situation. He went back to the nursery yesterday and bought all of the fuchsias, so this afternoon my job is - rearranging the hanging baskets!!

On Thursday, I experienced a flap of a different kind. Why is it that when you are destined for a disaster it occurs somewhere where you wished it hadn't? and why at that very moment?
Funnily enough I can't say I was horrified, mortified or even embarrassed. 
There I was striding out of Tesco Express carrying my shopping back to the car when I felt this cold feeling on the back of my leg. On investigation I found that the leg of my trousers had split from the waistband, right down the back to just above my knee. The torn material was flapping around my leg so I threw the shopping in and I bundled myself back into the car in what I'd like to think was a split second (probably wasn't!). Then I just laughed!
Mind you if it had happened a few hours earlier I was invigilating a GCSE exam on my own, which could have been a little more tricky.

Anyway to finish my blog today, I thought I'd leave you with a photo of an azalea in my garden. It's looking absolutely beautiful today.


  1. Try to claim for a new phone on insurance! You need the basket lining to help stop the soil and plant roots from drying out. As for the trouser story, Bridget Jones knickers I hope. X

  2. In answer to your questions Diane
    I tried,
    I know,
    and I was!

  3. Of course you were wearing your Bridget knickers!

  4. Great tale, I had something similar I was at a needlecraft show popped into the loo .Came out and sat down with my friends when we all got up to leave my friend said Ive got something hanging at the back off me .I feel around it was the toilet paper hanging out of my pants the canteen was packed everyone had seen it .I was so embarassed.