Saturday, 28 May 2011


On a Wednesday while my daughter in law goes to work I try to entertain my two little visitors. Quite often, when Charlotte comes out of school in the afternoon I take them swimming, but this week I thought it would be nice for them to come back here and bake a cake together. It's the first time I've let Jessica who's nearly 2 get that involved and she did very well. They both looked the part in their aprons, Charlotte's is the orange one, Jessica's the yellow. Jessica beat the eggs together with great gusto while Charlotte tackled the rest of the ingredients. After it was baked the cake unfortunately split, but I think that was due to the over zealous actions of my two little cooks whilst spreading the strawberry jam over the two sponges. However when it was sandwiched together with cream and strawberries in between and once they'd both doused it with a generous amount of icing sugar it looked good.
I understand it tasted very good too!
No, I didn't get to try it, they took it home to have after their tea!

The peonies are from my mum and dad's garden. You can just see the flowering plants out in the garden through the window but unfortunately these on the kitchen windowsill were blown down by the crazy wind that we've had this week. Peonies do not seem to like growing in my garden, in fact I've given up trying. Yet every year my mum gets such a wonderful display without fail. The large flower heads are stunning!


  1. Well, the cake looks good to me, shame you didn't get to have a slice! My neighbour has a Peonie in her front garden,it produces lovely blooms every year, not something I've tried, maybe next year.

  2. Another lovely cake, perhaps Miriam & I should come to you for a 'bake a cake' day! There are just some plants that won't grow in an individual graden, never a problem with weeds though. Love the new look of the blog!