Tuesday, 17 April 2012


My daughter in law's hours and days have just changed at work. Now she'll be able to collect Charlotte from school every day and I will only have to look after Jessica on a Tuesday until about 2ish. It's going to be strange not seeing them both on a Wednesday. Swimming, baking, pom pom making and drawing were just some of things we got up to in those couple of hours before Jo came to collect them.

Poor Michael did have words to offer when I told him about the impending change but his "well, at least you've had nearly 6 years!!!!" didn't actually hit the right bar of the comfort stakes in my opinion.
After all, I'm the mother who cried when her daughter announced she wasn't coming on holiday with us anymore and I cried even more, great big bucket loads when my son left home - the first time. Don't worry I was much better the next time he went!

 It was nice to spend time this morning with Jessica. She's not quite 3 but with my guidance, (I thought it best, I didn't want cake mix shooting up all over my newly painted walls) I let her loose with the electric cake whisk and she made these lovely little cakes to take home to share with Charlotte when she gets home from school.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will catch up with Charlotte after all as we're going to go and watch Jessica have her first swimming lesson.
When I asked her about it today she said, "it's not just wimming Granny,  it's a esson and I'm doing it on my oooown!"
She's a very confident little girl where wimmimg, sorry I mean swimming is concerned so I asked her if she was going to show the teacher that she could swim under the water with the fishes.
"Yeh" she said, "with my doddles on!"
Oh bless!


  1. Awww - thank you for making me smile xx

  2. Don't fret I'm sure that you'll still be looking after them both during holidays! It sounds as though Jessica takes after her Granny with her wimming and I bet she looks just like you in her doddles!!!!!! Try to leave your doddles at home on Sunday!!!!

  3. Like Miriam says, you will still have lots of occasions to share time with them. You are a wonderful grandma and they will definetlt want to see you.

  4. Dont worry everyone always need their grandmothers you will be busy as ever