Saturday, 21 April 2012


This weekend I was supposed to be showing you a picture of a lovely blue shrug that I've knitted for Charlotte. She loved it and was very eager to wear it to her first disco/birthday party on Friday. It wasn't until she left here wearing it that I remembered I hadn't got round to taking the photo.
I bought the yarn for the shrug from yarn therapy in Chelmsford, it having been recommended by Diane.
This place has some amazing yarns and I've already been back in there during the week to buy wool to knit both Charlotte & Jessica waistcoats. When these are finished I must definitely make sure I take photos.
Meanwhile I've now knitted 15 of the 49 squares for my blanket and very pleased that so far I've managed to stitch them together as I complete each one.

So no knitting projects, instead, I've popped in a picture that I've taken today of an azalea in my garden. It is full of bloom and I'm really pleased, last year it didn't have one single flower. 

Jessica's swimming lesson that I mentioned in my last post went well. Having once been a swimming teacher I know that it isn't the timid child, the crying child or indeed the boisterous child that's the challenge for the teacher but those who accompany them i.e. the grown up, who can sometimes be the nightmare!
Bearing that in mind Mummy, Charlotte, Nanny and Granny were all there in full force to support Jessica.
She, being the tiniest in the group could only be seen by the teacher when she was standing in the water at the pool's edge, waiting her turn. But every time we saw her little arm spring up with her thumbs up sign, we cheered and sung in unison, "well done, Jessica!"
As I said, teacher's nightmare!
But a good result, the teacher was pleased with her and she can start lessons as soon as a space becomes available.

 Today I've been doing some jobs in the garden, though the sun has struggled to shine, the rain has for the most part, managed to stay up in the clouds. I've also planted up 5 little chilli plants that started off growing in a tin which was our christmas gift from Rachel. (This is really remiss of me today, again, no photos!)
Once the plants get going I will post some pictures.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


  1. I am always forgetting to take photos. So glad the swimming went well. Are you all going to turn up each week?

  2. I have just bought a new camera I hope it will encourage me to take more pictures.I always forget.cant wait to see the finished item