Sunday, 29 April 2012


Well. it is certainly growing!

I've used so much grey and dark denim yarn recently that I may need to order some more soon. It wasn't until I took on this challenge that I realised how much the sky changes in any one day. I do try and make a note of the sky around lunchtime and that is what I try to knit.
The thicker wad of blue is to remind me of my holiday before Easter in France - wonderful!
I don't think I even need to look out of the window today to find out what the sky is like right now - grey and denim will suit fine.
All day yesterday and all day today so far it has been raining. Yesterday I donned my gardening clothes and went outside to put in some new plants which I bought on Friday while wandering around the garden centre, again it was raining. After I'd finished I thought I would even go round the lawn with the edging shears ready to mow the lawn today - what a joke that is, there's no chance of that happening!!

When I finally headed back indoors yesterday I baked these little raspberry muffins which I intended to warm up again later to have with some raspberry ripple ice-cream for dessert when Jo, Rob and the children came to dinner. Having made a lovely chicken curry I was really cross with myself that I allowed the rice to erupt all over the cooker. I had tried to simmer it on the wok burner but it wasn't the ideal thing to do as I realised far too late. Hence having to rescue the rice and clear up the mess I completely forgot to warm the muffins. I did still serve them up for dessert and they did taste ok but I think they could have been a lot better.

This afternoon I think I'll take root on the sofa, perhaps get my head round watching my 4th episode of The Bridge and get some knitting done.


  1. The muffins look tasty! Isn't the Bridge in Swedish, I'm very impressed if you can read sub titles and knit at the same time!!!

  2. Well done with the scarf. I'll update mine later. I'm running out of grey as well.