Tuesday, 1 January 2013


No doubt you've all heard of storm chasers!
Well, today we were out for our first walk of 2013 and I was chasing clouds!

Not a single one could be found.
How brilliant is that!

The start of the new year also means an end to my sky scarf.  I cast off the stitches and sewed in straggly ends when we got back from our walk. 

Back at the end of March 2012 we enjoyed some Spring sunshine In Villefranche sur Mer, in the South of France!

 In September 2012 we were back in France yet again, this time the sun caught our eye in Archacon.

Then as the December days closed in, the skies became dark and clouds top heavy with rain, we celebrated Kate and Peter's wedding. 

I really hope that 2013 sees me being more creative, I think I need a new challenge, not another sky scarf though!

Fngers crossed the rain will ease and the sun will shine on 2013.
Happy New Year to you all! 


  1. Your sky scarf is a real achievement, it's a shame you don't want to do another, I was going to give you a commission !!!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next.
    Happy New Year. x

  2. We could have a scarf each, Miriam! Hope you find a project to challenge you and keep you occupied. Happy New Year to you both! x

  3. Wow, it turned out wonderful. When you started I thought the scarf would be dull as we have had such terrible weather but it has become a thing of beauty.
    Your daughter and husband look so very happy.You must be so very proud.
    Belated Hapyy New year to you Jacqueline, hope you make as much stuff in 2013 as you did in 2012

  4. I salute you with completing your sky scarf - to my shame I gave up, the amount of grey was depressing me and I was struggling to find different shades of greyness to carry on. I did however complete lots more much more brightly coloured and cheerful stuff - your scarf is way blue-er than mine well done :) xxx

  5. Well done for finishing. I will get mine posted up over the weekend.