Saturday, 19 January 2013


Or in my case, something to keep you occupied while it's freezing outside but there's not a snowflake in sight!
All day yesterday as the country experienced heavy snow and treacherous conditions, in this little part of Essex there wasn't a flurry of the white stuff until just a little light dusting arrived very late in the evening. As we headed of to bed I was expecting to wake up this morning to see everything snow white but alas no and what we did have last night disappeared very sharpish. 
The weather all day has been very dull and chilly, so there was no better way to spend it, catching up  with some tv on the sofa and really settling in to some knitting.
I have finished the cowl for Kate, a Bernat pattern using King Cole Galaxy chunky on size 6.5 mm needles and a hat that is of a very similar design also from Bernat.

We're going out to dinner with her this evening, so I can give them to her then. They will keep her warm next week when she's out on playground duty. I hope she likes them.

If she doesn't I certainly do! I couldn't resist trying them on for size. A perfect fit!
Now tomorrow snow is forecast for this area so I have more plans for knitting the day away.