Tuesday, 29 January 2013


The best thing about Tuesday is that I get to spend the day with my grand daughter Jessica. We usually try to do something special with our time together. Sometimes we go for a swim but we couldn't do that today because my knee is playing me up and has been quite painful for the last few days. I do wonder if it's linked with my sciatica. 

So we had a play day at home, building houses and castles out of Duplo and watching Dumbo and the Snowman and the Snowdog on TV.  Then we headed to the kitchen to bake some cakes, chocolate of course for Jessica to take home to share with her Mummy, Daddy and Charlotte. 

I have a new knitting project on the go, which is not going too well. I chose to knit some slippers from the new Drops range, where there are some really lovely new patterns. I have knitted a few things from Drops now and love everything I've made but my problem is that at first I always forget to switch my brain over to Drops mode and can't make head nor tail of the pattern. I love the yarn, it's great to work with and even bought myself a new snazzy circular needle but to date this is as far as I've got, (twice!!).
Yes, I got this far yesterday and decided to start again so this is the stage I'm at, project now languishing in my knitting bag. 
Hopefully by the next time I post I will have won the battle of the pattern and will be able to show you some progress. As for me knee, painkillers and BioFreeze is the way forward I think.


  1. Hope your knee is better soon. I saw that wool last week, I loved the colours. Why are drops patterns complex? Having a crochet lesson next Monday.

  2. Sympathies on the knee front - I know what its like to have a grumpy knee! I do love those shades in your ball of yarn.

  3. The colours of the yarn are really lovely I do love drops yarns and patterns, you'll soon get the hang of it. Rest that knee, you need Michael to pamper you! I'm sure Jessica had a great time it's far to cold to swim anyway. X

  4. Rest that knee now, please can I have one of those cupcakes ???..I agree drops patterns are very strange ,I cant wait to come back and check your progress