Tuesday, 8 January 2013


I was in need of a kick start into 2013, what could I knit with yarn from my stash?
I just so happened to be reading a blog that I follow, Cloudberry and loved the hats she had knitted.
I've used some yarn left over from my sky scarf challenge and knitted this over a couple of days, if I had read the pattern properly before I'd started I would have finished it much sooner. I was so keen to start, I had grabbed a pair of needles, cast on and completed the rib before I had re-read the pattern and it was then that I realised it should actually be knitted on a circular needle. Mmmmm!
Now did I have the correct size circular needle wallowing in amongst the huge collection of needles I possess? - no!
Did I have double pointed needles, the right size? - no!
Therefore knitting was halted until the next day when I could get to my local shop and once there upon rifling through their display of circular needles found, surprise, surprise, that they'd sold out of the one I needed. 
However in the end with the help of the shop owner we did find some double pointed needles, perfectish!!
So yesterday, with a husband home suffering the lurgy and me suffering with partial lurgy we spent the afternoon ensconced in front of the tv watching a film we'd recorded over Christmas.  
I got to finish the hat and even started another. 


  1. That's brilliant, glad you've found a use for the stash! Is 2013 the year of the Hat?

    1. Sometimes you can tell we have a connection, I was going to title my post exactly that and then changed my mind!

  2. Who is the model? Keep driving past the Yarn Therapy shop, no sale yet!

    1. I am the model and the photographer Diane!