Sunday, 19 January 2014


I've come to the conclusion that trying to cast on 98 stitches, knit in the round on double pointed needles whilst reading the subtitles and watching "The Bridge" is, a step to far!
In the end last night, I had to make a choice. Either ignore the tv and concentrate on picking up at least 2 stitches that had dropped un-noticed off the needles or forgo the knitting completely and concentrate on the tv.
The Bridge won!

How could I miss out on the chance that Saga might actually forget herself and break into a glimmer of a smile?
If you haven't had a chance to see this drama yet, I do give it the thumbs up! 
Perhaps I like it so much because I feel the watching, the reading and the attempt at knitting all at the same time, is keeping my brain active and alert!
No subtitles with tonights tv, so hopefully I should be able to make the little baby hat quite easily.

We went out walking this morning, which was nice. Not far, just up into town and a walk through the park and alongside the river. It wasn't too cold and there were plenty of people out and about. 

We walked down to the end of the promenade where Byrhtnoth looks out over the water. The statue was placed here to commemorate the 991AD Battle of Maldon where he led the English against a Viking invasion.

Returning home for an afternoon of sewing hasn't quite gone to plan. Instead I've fiddled with the layout of my blog, got myself in a little bit of a muddle and the sewing machine has yet to have had it's cover removed.
This I need to remedy so I'm afraid my blog layout will have to be deemed "work in progress".


  1. I did wonder what was going on in supergrannyto2 (nearly 3) World, you'll get it sorted, but it can be very frustrating…….

  2. Finally started on my Drops Delight wool blanket. Finding I have to really concentrate on the squares, so no TV whilst working for me.

  3. If you let me know what you'd like to look different Jacqueline I can probably advise on a fix ... the problems I encountered were all to do with sidebar coding where there are apparently 'known issues' but everything else is working properly at Blogger's end so there should be a straightforward remedy :)

    The Bridge would win here, every time :D

    1. Thanks, I've fiddled again in an attempt to broaden my banner at the top. I've now completely changed it for another picture and it's a little better, although a little squashed. What I wanted to do was make a collage of my photos, so help with that and then getting it on my blog would be great!

  4. My knitting also took a back seat - the Bridge is about the only thing that does make me put the knitting down (yes I know, probably the sub titles have something to do with it too) It is brilliant again!
    Your banner is so different - wow - looks good :) I make my banner by doing a montage on picasa , I select the customs aspect ratio option to allow me to make my montage long and thin to fit across my blog. It is great fun changing it to show the past year x

  5. Jacqueline, I'm loving your new look to blogger Could you please tell me how you have managed to get reply under the comment section and I would also like to know how to do a collage of my photos
    .I have never seen this programme I'm going to give I a go.

    1. Thanks, I have had quite a lot of problems with it but I'm happy with it now. The reply under the comment section has always been there, so I assume that's in the settings somewhere.
      The collage, I made in powerpoint and I think this is why I couldn't get it to wrap completely over my blog. Hawthorn recommended picasa and others, photo bucket but for some reason picasa wouldn't download and I tried photo bucket but my banner still wouldn't increase in size. I changed my template on blogger in the end and that's where I am with it today.
      I'm going to practice with the collage though now I've found my feet with it.
      Hope you get on ok too!

  6. I love The Bridge! We watch nearly all these dark Scandinavian thrillers (began with The Killing). At first I thought it was my OH's plot to get me to put down the knitting and read the subtitles but now as long as the knitting is simply I can manage most, though put my needles down when things on screen get complicated. Last week I managed knitting the two sleeves (of my green cardigan, the subject of last weeks blog) at the same time on two circulars while watching but I think I may give the final episodes next Saturday my full attention!