Sunday, 12 January 2014


Have you ever looked at Jupiter through a telescope?

Last night we took our grandchildren along to Abberton Reservoir Visitor Centre for a stargazing event. Charlotte in particular is very interested in stars and space, Jessica was more interested in finding aliens!!
Not knowing what to expect, we weren't quite dressed for the occasion.  Their mum and I both were wearing ugg boots and Michael had on his new, new shoes which replaced his other new shoes that had experienced a muddy end back in the summer on a visit to Mersea Island. As I  posted at the time.
The children had also come straight from an afternoon at the pantomime so……………..!
Anyway, not to be put off we set  off out of the visitor centre, along the path and took the short walk across the squelchy, muddy, wet grass to the telescopes, all pointing up to the clear, bright sparkly, sky.
We were so pleased that we went, Charlotte loved it and the guys there really took their time explaining what we were looking at. One of the things that we were really surprised by is that one of the stars that shines very bright is actually Jupiter and although we couldn't see it quite as clear as this picture, (obviously, this is not my photo, I found it on the internet this morning!)
 Charlotte on her 2nd round of the telescopes managed to see it  with pale orange lines around it.
After a warming hot chocolate we returned home, shoes very muddy but very pleased we had gone along there!

I've no photos of sewing or knitting this week, but that doesn't mean my projects have come to a halt.
I'm busy working away and thought I'd show you all the things I've made for the new baby when he arrives. 
Not long now!

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  1. Sounds like a fun family outing. Hope your boots aren't ruined.