Sunday, 17 July 2011


Happy Birthday to our little grand daughter Charlotte, I can't believe she's 5 today, time has just flown by.
As you can see, I did manage to make her a cake in my unfinished kitchen. Thankfully I now have a cooker to use, a sink to look at and worktops. Here's hoping during the coming week there will be usable cupboards and more importantly running water.
If only you could have seen Michael and I on Tuesday, we decided to connect the old sink, something under normal conditions he could have done easily. However, with his leg in plaster it was not so easy.
Between us we managed to connect the u bend, though no cold water at all, we did somehow manage to get hot water out of the cold tap. Result!
We also had a spectacular looking design feature which we've never had before, the taps could turn 360 degrees. Amazing!
This  weekend we are again waterless but there's plenty falling outside to compensate.

Michael's now had his op to reconnect his achilles tendon. Everything went well and hopefully he'll be wearing an air boot instead of the plaster after next weekend. Fingers crossed!
 Mind you, he seems to be getting used to being at home now which could be worrying!

I picked these vegetables first thing this morning from my garden. We're looking forward to having them for dinner later with some baked mackerel from good old Marks and Sparks!
I think the BBQ is a definite no-no this weekend.
Still apparently we need the rain so in good old british tradition, we've got it!

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  1. What a delightful cake.I love your veg, you are so lucky to have garden filled with delicious veg