Sunday, 10 July 2011


This little chap is a new addition to our family!
Rob popped in on his way home, after collecting the little puppy. As yet he has only his kennel name, Peter.
Now as that is Kate's partner's name, I don't think that's very appropriate. Can you imagine, every time we ask "another beer Pete?"
 the poor dog will think it's for him.
I'm sure between Jo, Rob and the children they will come up with a more suitable name.
In the meantime more importantly, he knows that I'm Granny and I've already made clear to him one of my ground rules and told him he's not to dig up my garden.
We will get on famously, I'm sure!

Do you like my pumpkin flowers?
I think they're really bright and colourful. At least they've brightened up my garage wall. I'm not expecting the pumpkins to grow, I just like the flowers! 

Michael's leg is still plastered, as you would expect but we're hoping that an operation he's having this week will help with his recovery, fingers crossed! What with Michael not being able to get around and the kitchen fitters not doing what they're supposed to be doing, life this past week has been hectic and frustrating.
Hopefully on Monday, the kitchen company will endeavour to figure out a plan to rectify the issues but if not,  I'll still be using my washing machine as an island in the middle of my kitchen and not an appliance to wash clothes in.
If this is the case, when I write my blog next weekend, I will be naming and shaming the kitchen company involved.
The simple question for them is -  how far can you stretch the patience of a woman?


  1. Give them two barrels! When, where and for how long will Michael be in hospital?

  2. Hi Peter, your going to be huge when you grow up, you've got really big paws! Gran what sort of dog is Peter? The furry one not the one that drinks beer!
    I agree with Diane, but first try withholding the tea and biscuits.

  3. In answer to your questions.
    Diane, Michael should only be in Springfield for the day, then home again to be nursed by his oh so patient wife!
    Miriam, Peter may become Simba, he's a golden labrador and agree with you, with big paws.
    As for the kitchen ladies, biscuits were never part of the deal but supplies of tea and coffee have already dried up. The only problem is, the kitchen fitter brings his own large bottle of orange squash. But you've given me an idea, tomorrow it may well spring a leak!!!!!!!