Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Michael has decided to take holiday this week to get some jobs done at home and to make progress with his new venture.

Behind this door there is

the makings of a new boat.When it's finished it will be a Stony Lake rowing boat.
(That's one of his other boats, sitting underneath!)

His intention is to divide his time, between garage and boat, jobs around the house and spending time with his wife, thats me!

On Sunday we ignored the wet weather and set off for Harwich. Eventually the rain did stop and we spent a very blustery afternoon taking a short walk along the seafront before having a very nice late lunch in here.

Considering the remnants of hurricane Bertha were bearing down on us over the weekend, I was quite surprised to find that this dove was nesting in the very top branches of a tree in our garden. 

She sat tight as the wind bent the branch as it swooshed around in the wind and on Monday morning, I was quite surprised to find the bird and its nest still clinging on in the tree.

As Michael was sawing and planing in the garage on Monday, I tidied the garden and mowed the lawn. I thought it looked really nice when I'd finished.

On Tuesday morning,there was much activity in the garage, more planing, more sawing.
(we have very understanding neighbours)
and then in the afternoon we set off to have our supper by the sea.

For those of you who know this area, can you guess where we where?

Well, here is the view from our virtual table!

Here is our scrummy dinner!

Here is someone who wanted to join our table, not so likely,

and as we strolled along the seafront walking off some of those delicious chips we spied this rainbow in the distance.
Yes, we were in Aldeburgh!

Part 2 will follow shortly!


  1. Love the patient seagull picture and the last with the rainbow - beautiful!

  2. I guessed Aldeburgh just by the queue for the chippy. Some of the best fish and chips around. Have to agree though the gulls are a pain! Your garden looks lovely, we have equally crazy doves

  3. I showed this post to my other half who is shortly to have a three week stay-at-home holiday from work for similar reasons and he is very envious, both of the boat building - he will merely be repairing window frames here - and of your location on one of our favourite bits of coast. Hope the rest of your hols have been just as much fun x

  4. Best fish and chips ever, shame our week at home hasn't been so restful but family has to come first!