Friday, 22 August 2014


Firstly I must thank everyone for the lovely comments re my stay home vacation!

My tale for this week.

Last summer we had a ladies and little ladies trip to London to see We're Going on a Bear Hunt and because we enjoyed it so much we decided to go again this year.  
This time to see

The children were bubbling with excitement and we all had a spring in our step when we got off the tube train at Oxford Circus and set off down Regent Street.

It was only about 11am, and not overly busy. It was quite pleasant looking in the shop windows.

When we got to Hamleys, well, then we did have to deviate inside but as luck would have it, it was fairly quiet.  Charlotte and Jessica had a great time looking around and when we left none of us were overheated and gasping for fresh air. On our visits in the past the shop has been crowded and so busy.
We took Kate and Robert in there once when they were little and poor Kate became really hot and bothered and by the time we had reached the very top floor, she felt so sick. Though we rushed to get her outside we  didn't quite make it to the exit, in time.

I can guarantee every visit since, this memory always provokes a comment when we enter the shop and on this occasion, it was no different.

This time, it was Kate who said, " Do you remember when.......?"

Leaving Hamleys, with new colouring pens for Charlotte, those silly little wind up toys that do little tricks and make you laugh until they break, for Jessica and a Hamleys bear for Jack we headed to Piccadilly for our lunch in Jamies Italian.

The food there was pretty good and enjoyed by us all!

The Tiger Who Came to Tea at the Lyric Theatre was really good fun. It's only a little show, just on for an hour but as we found last year, such a great way of introducing young children to the theatre without them getting fidgety and bored.

Back outside for some fresh air we decided to go and see the poppies at the Tower of London. 

Charlotte and Jessica have been learning about the First World War and had taken part in our local parade with the brownies to mark its centenery. 
The poppies are amazing.

We couldn't start our journey home until we'd been re-energised with cups of tea and cake but finally we headed back to the train station having had, we all agreed, a wonderful day!


  1. Re-energizing with tea and cake is an important part of any outing! I've eaten at that Jamie's Italian and thought it was terrific food. The poppies are incredible, and I'm sure were even more impressive in person than in the photographs I've seen.

  2. What a lovely tail (tiger's tail?!) I envy you being able to see the poppy installation - thank you for sharing your photos xx

  3. what a wonderful day out, that was some burger. I love the poppies, I hope to get to see them too

  4. Another day full of special memories x

  5. The poppies...... they are really amazing.

  6. A lovely day out for everyone it seems you covered a lot in a day. Glad the girls enjoyed the show x