Saturday, 2 August 2014


We really like to take the grandchildren into London when they're on their school holidays but sometimes we do try to do too much  in a day.

On Thursday we planned it differently. Kate and I decided to take Charlotte and Jessica to the Natural History Museum. As it was so hot we decided to drive up to Westfield Stratford where it's so easy to park and then just take the 30 minute journey on the tube to South Kensington.

We arrived at the museum at about 11 o'clock and went straight into the dinosaur gallery, which was busy and quite warm. We had a quick visit to the dinosaur shop afterwards where we bought a dinosaur for baby Jack and then headed outside to find somewhere cool to eat out picnic.

After we'd eaten we then took a stroll around the wildflower garden which we all really enjoyed. 
Staff were on hand to show the children and adults what species live in the pond and we all spent quite a while looking through magnifying glasses at the pond life they had collected earlier.

The garden was such a quiet, peaceful place!

At 1.45pm we had tickets to go into the butterfly house.
The children were really looking forward to this and they weren't disappointed.
It was obviously really hot in there but because we had tickets for an allocated time slot, it wasn't too crowded.

There were so many butterflies to see and some managed to settle long enough so I could take some photos.
The children, loved taking a closer look at the beautiful colours with their magnifying glasses.

We all left the butterfly house warm but happy. Another trip, this time to the butterfly shop, a well deserved ice-cream devoured in the shade and then back to the underground  station for our return journey on a very hot tube train.

Leaving stratford, in our air conditioned car, as the children dozed, Kate and I agreed that we'd done just enough and we'd all had a perfect day. 


  1. Sounds like a perfect day out apart from the hot tube train.

  2. What a wonderful day. Ice cream , butterflies, children what fun

  3. Ooh be still my beating heart - those butterflies are BEAUTIFUL! When we lived in Africa I took my eldest to a butterfly farm - he was tiny then and can not remember which is such a shame coz as as he was toddling around, one landed on his face and it was such a delightful moment, sadly I've no picture, just a memory :)