Sunday, 17 August 2014


So our stay home vacation moved on through the week and on Wednesday we enjoyed a lovely lunch with my parents and later in the day and on Thursday morning as boat building resumed I caught up with some knitting.

A baby blanket that now just need it's crocheted border

and a pair of socks that I've started knitting for my Aunt who is in hospital and suffers with cold feet.
I found the yarn in my stash (Drops Delight) and the pattern is, as Drops patterns are at first, hard going on the mind.

Thursday afternoon saw us popping out for tea and cake but a trip to RHS Hyde Hall was more of a swim, tea and cake adventure. Especially when some kind soul picked up our large umbrella in the cafe and took it on a jaunt around the gardens leaving us to run back down to the entrance in the rain!
Did get it back though eventually, husband tracked down the people and swopped it for a Hyde Hall umbrella.

On Thursday evening our son's dog Simba arrived for a couple of days.
We thought it was going to take him a while to settle as
he took one look at our kitchen floor and decided, "I'm not walking on that!"
and took equal dislike to the hall flooring as well, deciding to perch on the stairs.

Eventually Michael managed to coax him out of the front door, around to the back garden, through the patio doors and into the lounge.
At bedtime we had to do everything in reverse and he slept on the landing 'till morning when, he followed me down the stairs, along the hallway, through the kitchen and out of the back door!!!

On Friday, as we had Simba with us we thought we'd go out on one of our favourite walks

along the sea wall to Goldhanger.

We did get caught in the rain but luckily we weren't too far from our destination and managed to get to the pub and enjoy our lunch on a table outside with the biggest umbrella we could find to shelter us.

Walking back home later, the sun shone and the tide was in.

Simba ran virtually all the way home and loved swimming in the river.

Nearing home, it was good to see this family of swans swimming down the river.

Simba went home to his own house yesterday and today the weather is being quite kind.
I've been sitting in the garden which is fairly sheltered from the breeze and taking in some sunshine.
I've finally got to grasp with this new sock pattern I'm knitting and I'm making some slow progress.
In another hour or so our son and daughter in law and grandchildren will be joining us for dinner.

Our stay home vacation has been different but enjoyed by us both.

Back to normal next week!


  1. Always fun having a dog in the house, never a dull moment here! Glad you enjoyed your stay cation x

  2. Glad you enjoyed your staycation, I sometimes think its fun to explore your own area as a tourist, we take so much for granted and miss so much of what is under our nose. Your socks look lovely

  3. I think it's a great idea to have a stay cation . We recently, got into the car and happened upon a car boot ,we then found a really delightful pub that had a delightful garden that has the most amazing views. It felt as though we had gone on holiday and it was only 30 minutes away.
    Simba, is the name of my son in law's dog.

  4. Staycations can be wonderful. No packing or unpacking, and they are much easier on the pocketbook! I laughed at your dog story. You have to wonder what gets into their heads sometimes!

  5. Our dog has similar phobias over hard floors, wooden or otherwise, I love love the clouds in your Estuary photos, wonderful x We've had similar staycation days out, its difficult when there are so many commitments to try and squeeze in a holiday, but next week we are finally all free, so here's hoping for a bit of a jolly out!